How to Use Yard Saver for Parking

How to Use Yard Saver for Parking

Hey there! Got your new Yard Saver Parking Grids but don’t know how to deploy them? Sit back and relax, for I’ve got your problems all sorted. Using a Yard Saver is as easy as anything, but first, let’s have an introduction as to what a Yard Saver actually does.

A Yard Saver Parking Grid plays an important role in grass and soil strengthening. It is used for parking purposes in your lawn without damaging its beauty. It is a grid system having interlocked cellular pavers. While being eco-friendly, it is pocket friendly all the same.

Another reason for its popularity is its quality of offering permeable and drainage system. It is easy to understand and even easier to install. But how do you actually use it?

Let’s find out.

yard saver for parking

Usage for Parking

Installing a yard saver is an effortless process. If you think you might need with setting it up, you can call for an agent, from where you got the mesh from, to help you.

First things first, make sure the soil is watered and sufficiently moist and that the grass is mowed. Do this a day or two before installing the yard saver drive-on.

Also, purchase the yard saver depends on the area of your lawn. In the next step, apply the yard aver onto the soil and firmly instill it. The open cell structure of the grids not only offer better stability but also evenly distribute the material filled in the grids.

You can fill any compound you want in the open cells. You can either add soil, thinned out grass, gravel, concrete or any other substance you feel would enhance your garden’s splendor.

Also, it is the perfect space for over-flow of cars in your garage and if you ever feel like making your lawn your garage too.

These are often made from recycled plastic and are permeable. These porous plastic grids have openings and comprise material such that it causes the water stored in it to move down towards the soil and not troubling the drainage or storm water system.

And a yard saver drive-on can work for years to come if properly installed and looked after. A yard saver is brought to use when you need to park your car on the lawn often as no protection for the lawn against vehicles’ tires ruins the grass and even causes formation rust.

And hence, it is necessary to create a strong and potent barrier between your soil and other objects not really belonging there.


A yard saver is easily installed and is even easier to use. And above is the entire guide on how to use it the right way. With that being said, this article comes to an end.

Let me know your thoughts and whether this article proved to be helpful to you or not. Also, don’t forget to like and share this article. Happy Gardening!

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