How to Install Grass Protection Mesh

How to Install Grass Protection Mesh

Hi there! Thinking of getting protection mesh installed in your lawn? That is a good step towards maintaining your lawn. But how do you perfectly install grass protection mesh? It’s an easy process and doesn’t even take much time (depends on the area of your lawn to setup.
Let’s find out how how to install grass protection mesh step-by-step.

  • Step 1:
    The first and most obvious step is that the grass should be trimmed, level and well-drained before coming in contact with the mesh. Well-mowed grass offers better entanglement with the mesh and will make sure that the mesh firmly rests against the soil. However, in case of any bumps or hollows, you will have to sort them out.
    Also, remember to perform all this process during the growing seasons, i.e., autumn or spring as the grass grows comparatively fast and it is easier for the grass to get mixed with the mesh.

    lawn preparation
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  • Step 2:
    When installing grass mesh, make sure to leave the mesh on its own for some time or roll it backwards so as to avoid rutting. You can also cut the mesh to bring it to the desired length, prior to installation.
    For the time being, you can also remotely pin the mesh down against the ground such that it becomes flat to the surface and gets roughly prepared for what’s expected from it.

    leave the mesh on its own for some time
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  • Step 3:
    Set the mesh right above the grass and pin in the ground such that it does not pose as a difficulty while mowing. You can even cut a trip or two or modify the mesh in any way to elude overlapping of two sheets. Especially if you plan to install the mesh during the seasons of summer or spring, remember to place the meshes remotely far apart so that they don’t intersect and have space to expand over the season. The gap will also allow effortless pinning of the rolls.
  • Step 4:
    Next step is to tack the grass reinforcement mesh to the soil using metal pins. Fix the metal pins on the bottom or along the ground on the rolls or tightly fixed with the other sheet for a trackway purposes. Also, make sure the ground is perfect flat without any wave underneath so that the mesh can sit finely.

    tack the grass reinforcement mesh to the soil
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  • Step 5:
    Check for any unpinned areas or irregular gaps in the mesh and after checking for any causalities, let it sit for about an hour or two before bringing it into usage. Meshes, however, are designed to rapidly approach their full functioning potential as earliest as possible. Hence, you will see functional results over a minute span of time.

    Check for any unpinned areas
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And that’s how you install grass protection mesh. It’s simple and fast and only requires a bit of work. The amount of work and patience required primarily depends on the season you install the grass protection mesh in.
I hope you find this article to be helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to like and share. Happy Gardening!

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